Kremliovskaya street

This central street was initially called Spasskaya (after  the name of Spasskaya Tower of Kazan Kremlin), afterwards Voskresenskaya street.

The current name Kremlin street received in 1996. Nowadays the street runs from Kazan Kremlin to Kazan State University.

In the very beginning of the street opposite the Kremlin the city administration is located. Opposite the building you can see Gostiny Dvor. The architectural and historical monument of the federal significance, the building of Gostiny Dvor is supposedly situated on the place of medieval shopping mall (karavan-saray) of Khanskaya Kazan. In 1895 the building was given over to a City Museum (The collection of A.F. Likhachev and the materials of scientific-industrial exhibition of 1890 were taken as the basis).

The building of Alexandrovsky Passage (Kremlin street, 17) is located in the crossing of Kremlin, Jalil and Dzerjinsky streets. Alexandrovsky Passage was built in 1880-1883 by the Saint-Petrsburg’s architect G.B. Rush according the order of the merchant Alexandrov. The owner sold it to his sister O.S. Alexandrova-Geins, and she presented the building to the city for the museum to be placed there. But that building didn’t seem to fit for the city museum, that’s why the furnished rooms and shops were placed here.

The Chernoyarovsky passage is located in a building from the Alexandrovsky passage – one more vivid example of  the civic architecture of the end of XIX –beginning of the XX century.

The building is constructed as a lodging house-passage of the merchant A.D. Chernoyarov be the project of G.B. Rush. The facade of the building is non-central, because the passage is “sculpted” by the architect from the old structures, situated there before. The main building is a vivid example of the lodge-house with a shopping centre on the ground floor. The first and the second floors have a corridor planning with a central staircase, lighten up by a lantern. The building has additional habitable areas in the yard, which are connected with the main building by covered passages. A famous Tatar writer, poet, translator Fatkhi Burnash lived in this house in 1923-1940. Fatikh Karym – a Tatar poet, fallen in Great Patriotic War lived in the two-storeyed building in the yard of the passage in 1931-1941. A memorial plaque is installed on the house. The berthing places, shops, institutions are placed in this building nowadays.

One of the most beautiful buildings is the house of Z. Ushkova (Kremlin street, 33). The house was built in the beginning of the XX century by the architect Karl Myufke by the order of the merchant and  manufacturer, the owner of tanneries in Bondyug (Mendeleevsk) Pyotr Capitonovitch Ushkov. The republican library – National library of the Republic of Tatarstan is situated in this building since 1919.

РNear the National Library the Lobachevsky’s public garden is located, there the monument-bust to a great scientist-mathematician, rector of Imperial Kazan University in 1827-1846, is installed. The monument was opened in 1896. The complex of Kazan University’s buildings crowns the street. Being one of the most ancient universities of Russia, it is a striking relics of architecture of the beginning of the XIX century in the spirit of Russian classicism.


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